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A great time was had by all at the SBW Pizza Party. Check out the walkabout video.

Non-members wishing to join SBW in 2017 can do so and get the rest of 2016 as a bonus! This will include our popular weekend track series for both Velo Sports Center certification and training at a big discount. Fill out and mail (or pass on to a board member) the 2017 SBW Membership App. Or mail it in if you can't make it.

MBGP Juniors winner Brandon McNulty won the UCI Juniors Individual Time Trial World Championship

UCI World Cup returning to Velo Sports Center Feb 25-26, 2017
Curious about USAC anti-doping program? RaceClean

Sarah Munoz & Makayla Macpherson Silver in States Track 2016.
Deo Asuncion Silver at Arco Crit
Makayla Macpherson 2 podiums (Silver in RR) at Road Nats
Charity Chia and John McNulty topped the podium at the CBR Crit 6/12.
Makayla and SBW got a very nice shout out from Red Kite Prayer Podcast hosted by former SBW members Mike Hotten and Patrick Brady. Section re Kay starts at about 40 minutes.

State Road TT Results Nice results, including: Gold for Kay and Bronze for Sam (Macpherson) in the Juniors ITT; Silver for Leo Longo/Davidson and Bronze for Bruce Steele/Becker in the 2-man; Gold for Sarah Munoz/Palchikoff/Traylor/Matulik in the 4W TTT

SBW Picnic was a blast - video here
SBW-sponsored LAVRA TT Series info (track) - completed

Makayla Mcpherson again: shown on crit podium at Bakersfield. Won GC after RR the next day; featured in the South Bay Magazine article on young athletes (pdf version)

Sponsor Gerry Agnew and AgnewBrusavich have again been honored with selection to the top 100 SoCal Super Lawyers list. And if that wasn't enough, here he is breaking the men's 65-69 national hour record.

New SBW Board members
President - Rick Lilleberg
Race Director - John McNulty
Secretary - Julie Lansing
Communications Director - William Aligue
Activities - Jennifer Hirsch

Jon Gorski: LAVRA Cat 4 Racer of the Year
- now Cat 3!

Jennifer Hirsch in Cyclocross mode!
- Takes Bronze at "The Greek" CX
- Smiles while she races!

USAC registraton open. Register as South Bay Wheelmen (Club ID 280) and NOT South Bay Wheelmen Foundation (Club ID 14577). - Don't forget to also send in (or bring to picnic) the 2016 SBW Membership App

SBW Pizza Party
- Party pics on FaceBook; video HERE

SBW Racers of the Year Winners
Andrew Wilson - Men
Charity Chia  - Women
Makayla MacPherson - Junior Women
Jon Gorski - Junior Men
James Kloss - Masters
Paul Chia - Most Improved
Dante Young - New Rider

Baxter 2016 TT Series Schedule/Rules
Baxter 2016 latest results
Baxter 2015 TT Series Final Results
Richardson 2015 Series Final Results

Member/Sponsor Gerry Agnew reminds us that we all (cyclists in particular) should make sure there is high uninsured motorist coverage in our car insurance. He explains the important reason and more HERE

- Other News -

UCI World Masters Track Championships coming to the vel in 2017 & 2018!

Masters World Track 2015 - Manchester UK
Jim Kloss sweeps Gold in all five individual events. Kurt Sato repeats Gold in the team sprint. More medals and details below.

Masters Track World Records times here under UCI "Best Performances" (to be updated per below!)

Masters World Track 2015 - Manchester UK
Jim Kloss sweeps Gold in all five individual events. Last time I recall this happening was about 10 years ago when it was done by another masters legend, Vic Copeland. They also have had WRs in both the 200M and the 2K at the same time! Kurt Sato repeats Gold in the team sprint.
- Kloss Gold in Pursuit + new WR in qual
- Kloss Gold in Points
- Kloss Gold in Sprints
- Sato/Voss/Seiken Gold in Team Sprint
- Sato Bronze in Sprints
- Kloss Gold Scratch Race
- Kloss Gold in 500M TT: new WR
- Kloss Bronze in Team Sprint

Makayla Macpherson wins the 2015 National Jr Track Championship in the Omnium. Mighty impressive after sweeping Road Nats the previous month!

Kay again: earlier swept all three of the 2015 Jr/11-12 Road Nats championships: Road Race, Time Trial, and Criterium. Congrats to Kay & Dad Robert for an amazing performance. She's 1st SBW Nats champ again! USAC video on FB and @USACycling

Masters Track Nationals, Rock Hill SC
  - Melanie Peterson wins 500M TT in fast 42.5
  - Jim Kloss wins ALL individual golds plus BAR
  - Kurt Sato gold in Match Sprint & Team Sprint

Final MBGP video produced by our advertising sponsor Big Logo Advertising (Steve Bland), including shots from the "BLA-cam" drone.

SBW Masters State Track medals galore. Results in Tom's "Prez News" in right menu.
Official results Here.
- James "Doc" Kloss beat his own UCI World Best time by two-tenths in the 500M TT, but effort wasn't official for UCI (no drug testing, etc). Look out Manchester.

Speaking of World-class 75+ Masters - here is the eponymous Greg Baxter on 7/12/15 setting the World Record Deadlift of 584 lbs!

The UCI has announced that the 2017/2018 Masters World Track championships will be held in LA at the Velo Sports Center

Thanks to all who helped at MBGP, especially the volunteers who worked all day, improvising for missing folks assignments, keeping the look and feel of our great operation up to our high standard. And thanks to Chevron and the City of Manhattan Beach for supplying the resources and infrastructure essential in a successful bike race of this size in the heart of a wonderful beach city. The Mayor Powell told us that it was "another great event".

MBGP 2015 Official Results

State Road Champ in ITT - Kay Macpherson; State Champs in TTT - Matulick, Munoz, Palchikoff, Traylor

Congratulations to Diego Binatena and Celeste Unverzagt, both college scholarship winners, at the 21st Annual Agnew Brusavich Scholarship Dinner. Thanks to club sponsor Gerry Agnew for hosting the event and recognizing 26 well deserving graduating high school seniors.

Kay Macpherson is 2015 State Crit Champ - Dad Robert's podium pic

Gerry Agnew selected for the National Association of Distinguished Counsel Ted's nostalgia photos - text to come; do you know anyone in 1962 club meeting pic?

Easy Reader article re Richardson Series

Tony Wang's great video - DR PV TT
From 10/18/12 seminar: Kurt Sato links
- Early season strength training: here
- Fundamental exercises here
- Watch Kurt put it together: video here
Easy Reader article - Richardson series;
- Nice article about Ted's history

(click to enlarge)
Pizza Party 2015

SBW Saturday riders

Sarah Munoz Silver at States

Kay Silver at States Track

Deo Silver at ARCO Crit

Kay big at Road Nats

Charity Chia wins CBR

John McNulty beats the boys CBR

Kay takes Bakersfield

Kay in the So Bay Magazine p78

Baxter crew makes the Domes

Kay wins Jurupa 3/4

Kay at Tuscon: 1 CR, 1 RR, 2 GC

Kay wins Murrieta Cat 4

Jennifer wins at Desert Tri

Kay wins Val. of the Sun Cat4 crit


Greg Aden retires

Hirsch Bronze at The Greek CX

McNulty edges Winn at DR Dominguez Crit 2015 (Hirsch) image
Jim Kloss sweeps all the Gold!
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

image Kurt Sato - Gold in Team Sprint
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

image Baxter/DR combo 9/27- Monika-Leo-Ted (Aligue)

image Bouquet Canyon RR - 1963
(Ted's archive)

image Kay Macpherson - Nats Omnium Gold (Robert Macpherson)

"Golden" Jim Kloss wins Nats BAR

image Nats Gold for Kurt Match Sprint
(Lan Tran)

Nats Gold for Mel 500M
(Lan Tran)

image Kay jumps at Nats Crit finish
(Brian Koester)

image Kay! National Jr RR Podium

image Leo gold!- states 2k Podium

States Gold for Grandpa Jim
image Jon Gorski Jr State Omnium
Also gold in TTT (Hernandez)

image Lilleberg State Crit Champ
Mike Fleming 2nd (Cyclovets)

image Hilton Clarke - Pro 1 (Beckman)

Kay State ITT! (Sam right)

Kay wins State Crit!

 image  image  image  image  image  image
image image